blue & yellow bird in winter

Include Nature in Your Winter Routine With Bird Watching

While we wait for spring to come around and begin working on lawn care, spotting birds in your Memphis area backyard while staying warm indoors is a definite way to include nature into your winter routine. If you agree, stay tuned because we have equipped you with a few tips and ideas on how to attract winter birds to your property.

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bermuda grass

Most Common Types of Grass and Which One is Right For You

Whether you bought a new house or business or are just trying to establish a new lawn in Eastern Arkansas, or Western Tennessee, there are some things to consider before spreading new grass seed. The climate in these regions is regarded as humid subtropical with hot, humid summers and moisture year-round. Our winters are generally… Read more »

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How To Prevent and Control Overwintering Broadleaf Weeds

While winter may be just around the corner in Tennessee and Arkansas, certain broadleaf weeds known as winter annuals are just getting started. Learn how to prevent and control them and who to call when you need the ultimate weed control.

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garden mulch

Looking For a Fast, Easy Way to Upgrade Your Landscape? Try Mulch!

There are tons of ways to give your Eastern Arkansas or Western Tennessee landscape that extra pop, such as adding new flowers, trees, and shrubs or hardscaping. But one fast and easy way to spruce up your lawn is through mulching. Mulching isn’t just for added curb appeal; it has tons of tremendous benefits for your yard. If you haven’t given mulch much thought, stay tuned for a list of advantages it provides to your turf, soil, and overall landscape.

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fertilizer being spread

How To Determine If Your Lawn Is Suffering From a pH Imbalance

After a hot summer, it’s natural to have experienced turf stress, including a few brown spots caused by drought or heat stress. But if your eastern Arkansas or western Tennessee lawn is experiencing weak growth, is being overtaken by weeds, dealing with tons of insect infestations and disease, perhaps it’s not weather-related. Your soil may be suffering from an imbalance of soil pH levels, and a lime treatment may be just the answer.

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commercial lawn care

Here’s Why You Should Get Commercial Lawn Services This Summer

It’s not just the quality of customer service that can impact a business. Poorly groomed landscaping can make customers hesitant to do business or rent from you. That’s why TLC Turfmasters offers a commercial landscaping program to keep your property looking spiffy!

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mower cutting grass

Lawn Care Tips For Your Best Spring Lawn

All of us are spending far more time at home with the ongoing pandemic. Maybe yard work is something you’ve neglected or meant to learn more about but never had the time. We’ve compiled a list of lawn care tips to try this spring, so your yard is the green oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Keep reading to check out what tips we have for you this year!

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lawn damage

Beware of These 3 Tennessee Lawn Diseases

When it comes to treating lawn disease, prevention is always the best medicine. By educating yourself and putting in some effort, you will be able to identify, prevent, and treat lawn diseases in no time. See how Rust, Dollar Spot, and Brown Patch can negatively affect your lawn and learn about our our solutions.

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red mower cutting grass

This Is How To Mow Your Lawn

Mowing the lawn is so much more than making the grass look good. Believe it or not, it actually affects the turfgrass’s health in a big way. Make sure you following mowing best practices so you don’t stress out your grass!

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