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Irrigation Install & Repair in Marion, Arkansas

Irrigation Installation and Repairs in Marion, AR

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TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care installs and repairs home irrigation systems. Having an underground sprinkler system gives you more control over how your lawn is watered, and when. A professionally done irrigation system not only increases the value of your home; in the summer, it can increase plant growth and decrease the likelihood of yellow grass caused by drought.

At TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care, our professional lawn irrigation installation in Marion will ensure that your entire lawn is covered and watered properly. Our installation program includes installing, digging, and labor for the water supply lines and sprinkler heads. We also conduct check-ups, spring start-ups, and winterization. Our knowledgeable technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured.

How Does an Irrigation System Work?

It is a network of piping buried approximately 12 inches in the ground with retractable sprinkler heads strategically placed in certain zones of your lawn. When the water travels through the pipe, it pushes the water up above the ground. When the water is turned off, it retracts back down to the ground surface level. Water is turned on through an electronic control that tells the valves when to open and close.

There are numerous benefits to having an effective irrigation system. Not only will you be conserving more water than when using a manual sprinkler, but it will help to keep your grass healthy throughout all seasons.

Other Benefits of a Professional Irrigation System Include:

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  • Adds Curb Appeal to Your Marion Home
    A sprinkler system increases a home’s market value because it enables the plants and trees you have invested so much time and energy toward living longer, healthier lives.
  • Offers Added Convenience
    A sprinkler system offers time-saving and energy-efficient lawn maintenance.
  • Water Conservation
    A sprinkler system also increases a home’s value because it allows a homeowner to place exactly the right amount of water on specific lawn and garden areas so that water is not wasted. Water conservation is appealing to potential homebuyers who are looking for ways to be environmentally conscious.
  • Preserves Soil Structure and Nutrients
    Regular watering with a garden hose does not have the same impact as using a professional irrigation system. Using a water hose may cause the soil to become compacted, which will cause your plants to wither or develop root disease. Using a garden hose also causes nutrients to leak out with the runoff, leaving plants with fewer vitamins. Using drip or sprinkler irrigation produces smaller droplets and helps to preserve nutrients and reduce soil compaction.
  • Helps to Prevent Disease and Weeds
    Because using a professionally installed irrigation system directs water specifically to the roots, surrounding weed seeds won’t germinate, so you’ll have less weeding to do. Water at the roots also helps to prevent leaf diseases because the water is not directly falling on the leaves of the flowers.

Like all other lawn equipment, lawn sprinklers require maintenance.
Ideally, maintenance should be performed once a month, but at the minimum, twice seasonally. Common problems facing a sprinkler system include:

  • Broken spray head
  • Clogged sprinkler head
  • Controller stops working
  • Chattering noise after you installed the pump
  • Water coming out of multiple zones at the same time

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