Looking For a Fast, Easy Way to Upgrade Your Landscape? Try Mulch!

Keeping up with your Tennessee or Arkansas landscape and garden beds is time-consuming and sometimes requires energy we don’t have. There are so many ways to give your landscape that extra pop, like new flowers, adding trees or shrubbery, keeping it clear of weeds, and hardscaping. One fast and easy way to spruce up your lawn is through mulching. Mulching isn’t just for decoration. It has tremendous benefits for your yard. If you are looking for a quick, fun, yet easy way to boost your landscape, now is the time to read on. We’re here to explain exactly what mulch is, the advantages it offers, and why now is the right time to use it to give your landscape and garden beds the added appeal your property craves. 

What Is Mulch?

First, let’s start by explaining what mulch is. Of course, we have all seen it. But what exactly is it made of? Mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic materials made to spread over the soil used as a protective layer. It can include grass clippings, wood chips, compost, pine needles, black plastic, recycled wood, straw, shredded wood, and various landscape fabrics. Some choices are more popular than others, and choices should be made on specific landscape needs. Both organic and inorganic have their advantages, but organic mulches also help improve the soil as they decompose. Now, let’s dive into why utilizing mulch is so beneficial.

Mulch Improves and Protects Your Soil

Let’s start with the ways mulch benefits your soil. Because soil is the lifeline behind grass and any plant, it’s important to keep the roots of your soil well-nourished and robust at all times. Mulch helps to do this in several ways. When the mulch begins to break down, it will deposit organic matter into the ground. This provides the soil with additional benefits such as:

  • And increase in moisture retention
  • The ability to retain extra nutrients
  • Improved soil structure
  • Improved draining process
  • Aids in Preserving Water

Mulch Provides Added Moisture

During the spring and summer months, in both Eastern Arkansas and Western Tennessee, plants are more susceptible to moisture loss. All it takes is a hot or windy day to start evaporating the essential moisture from your soil. Adding a layer of mulch will shade them and help slow down the evaporation process. And this means watering less!

This Added Moisture Provides Stronger Roots
By providing your soil with extra moisture, you give your roots the additional strength needed to grow deeper and stronger. When the moisture is given more time to infiltrate the ground, it goes deeper and picks up nutrients along the way. This nutrient-rich water helps your roots grow more robust and healthier, providing more vibrant, hearty plants.

Mulch Protects Your Soil From Eastern Arkansas and Western Tennessee’s Extreme Weather Elements

Our hot summers and subtropical climate can cause exposed soil to dry up, crack, and become unusable. Mulch provides a blanket of protection in the winter and a layer of insulation in the summer. This helps keep your soil at a balanced temperature throughout the year. Rain, wind, and direct sunlight can cause soil erosion. Using mulch helps minimize the threat of soil erosion during harsh weather conditions and prevents the loss of essential nutrients from leaking away through runoff. Placing mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs will also help protect them from extreme weather conditions as well. After all of the hard work you spent on your landscape this summer, why not protect your garden and plants with a layer of mulch.

Mulch Helps Put an End to Invasive Weeds

Weeds are lawn and garden invaders stealing vital nutrients from your plants and grass. They require two things to survive, water and sunlight. Mulch acts as a barrier smothering existing weeds by cutting off their air supply and preventing sunlight from shining through. By providing an extra layer of shade, it will also help stop new weeds from germinating. Now your landscape will look better without any unwanted growth, and your grass, plants, trees, and shrubs will receive more nutrients. The best part? You will spend less time weeding.

Mulch Will Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Property

Adding mulch will add instant color and beauty to your Eastern Arkansas or Western Tennessee Property. It comes in a variety of colors, an array of materials and can add a fresh new look to your landscape. You can choose to put mulch around your garden beds, your trees, and shrubs at the base of different plants and use it to accentuate various elements of your lawn. With the added health mulch brings to your yard, your trees, shrubs, and plants will look more robust, enhancing your property’s appeal

For All Your Mulching Needs, Contact the Professionals TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care

TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care provides high-quality lawn care and landscaping services to the Eastern Arkansas and Western Tennessee region. We know the value of having a beautiful and healthy lawn. We can help with all of your landscaping needs, including mulch. We can help you determine the right type and color that is fitting for your lawn as well as deliver and install it. We are in the business of maintaining landscaping beds, weed control, and lawn fertilization. Give us a call now, 901-509-9005, or contact us via our online form and find out how we can help enhance the appeal of your landscape.

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