Give Your Valentine Sweetheart the Unique Gift of Lawn Care

Love is in the air! Here in Marion, everyone is running around buying chocolates and flowers for their loved ones. Some are trying to develop unique and different ways to say I love you. Why not give your sweetheart a gift that will last year-round, a gift that won’t die or get eaten, a gift that gives them time back in their day. I’m talking about the gift of lawn care.

Taking care of one’s landscape is time-consuming and takes energy. If your spouse, girlfriend, or family member works full-time, has kids, or has any extracurricular activities, finding time to mow, weed, maintain gardens and landscape beds can be almost next to impossible. You can make it easier on them by providing them with the tender loving care time will provide. The lawn care professionals at TLC Turfmaster Lawncare are here to help, and we put together a list of our best services to help you find that perfect valentines gift.

Pamper Your Loved One’s Lawn With Our 7-Step Lawn Care Program

Our 7-step comprehensive lawn care program offers everything your loved one’s lawn needs to remain lush and strong throughout the growing season. In early spring, which is just around the corner, we apply both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to help eliminate any of those leftover winter weeds that lay dormant during the cold. This will also help prevent the growth of any spring and summer weeds before they start. At this time, we also apply liquid aeration to help break up and loosen the soil. Doing so will help drive oxygen, nutrients, and water into the ground. Our other six applications include the following:

Late Spring
We apply pre and post-emergents again and provide your lawn with a much-needed fertilizer designed to stimulate growth and improve the emerald green color of your blades. At this time, we also apply iron and add a soil amendment to help increase rooting.

Early Summer
We utilize more post-emergent weed control. This application is designed to combat some of Marion’s most challenging weeds, crabgrass, and nutgrass. A second round of fertilizer is applied to help your lawn face the upcoming heat and drought stress that summer brings.

In mid-summer, say right around July, we repeat the process and apply more fertilizer and post-emergent. We also use a liquid dethatch to help keep the debris and matter growing on your turf to a minimum.

Late Summer
Around September, we apply fertilizer to help stimulate the development of roots and a liquid fertilizer made to help prepare warm-season grasses for the fall. At this time, we also apply a soil amendment to help increase rooting while coping with the extensive summer heat Marion receives.

In the fall, we apply pre-emergent weed control to protect your lawn from upcoming winter pests. If summer weeds are still lurking around, we will eliminate them with post-emergent. Once again, we apply liquid aeration to help break up and loosen topsoil and allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the ground.

Hydrate Your Loved One’s Lawn With an Irrigation Installation

With the ever-changing climate and indefinite amount of rainfall, we receive in Marion each year, having a healthy, robust lawn is great, but it won’t last without the proper amount of hydrating. Perhaps your favorite sweetheart already has a lawn care program. The next best gift to enlighten them? An irrigation system. TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care can help keep your loved one’s lawn properly watered with our suite of professional irrigation services. Our standard irrigation services compliment our 7-Step Lawn Care Program so that the timing of each of our services coincides with our lawn care applications. Having an underground sprinkler system can give you, or you’re loved one more control over how their lawn is watered and when. Our irrigation installation service includes the installing, digging, and labor for the water supply lines and sprinkler heads. Other irrigation services that we provide include:

  • Sprinkler check-ups
  • Spring start-ups
  • Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Winterization

Find a variety of Lawn Care Gift Ideas by Contacting the Professionals at TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care, LLC.

The gift ideas don’t stop there. If it’s just weed control or landscape bedding your sweetheart or loved one needs, TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care, LLC can provide this as well. Does their Marion lawn look tired, fatigued, and run down? We can perform aeration, helping to loosen compacted soil and breathe fresh life into their turf. We also offer overseeding of warm-season grasses, including Bermuda and zoysia, and the cool-season grass fescue.

Visit our website to contact us and to find out more about all of our services. You can even fill out a form and contact us online. Or feel free to contact us the old-fashioned way, by picking up the phone. We can be reached at 901-509-9005.

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