Lawn Care Tips For Your Best Spring Lawn

All of us are spending far more time at home with the ongoing pandemic. Maybe yard work is something you’ve neglected or meant to learn more about but never had the time. We’ve compiled a list of lawn care tips to try this spring, so your yard is the green oasis you’ve always dreamed of. And in this climate, it seems like we might enjoying our own yards for a bit longer – especially with the rising cases of COVID-19 in the United States.

Keep reading to check out what tips we have for you this year!

Stop Thinning Grass In Its Tracks

Thin grass does not have to mean that you start over with your turf. There are definitely ways to spruce up your lawn and make it look fuller and be healthier overall. Two options for this process include hydro-seeding or overseeding. The first starts with laying a unique mixture of seeds for your turf.

The second is more common and is just what it sounds like. Laying down seek right over the top of your soil. This process followed by a good watering schedule can really transform your lawn. To put this over the top, you can aerate your lawn before you overseed it which will allow the seed to be planted in the soil rather than on top of it.

Ensure Your Mowing Techniques Are On Point

Contrary to popular belief, mowing your lawn is not as easy as pulling out the mower and making it shorter. There are various techniques you can implement to create a better lawn. Lawns that are too short can have a hard time growing when they need to. On the other side of this, lawns that are consistently left too long can develop more issues along the road. Things like diseases, pest control problems, and even attracting rodents that can eventually make their way into your home have been linked to lawns that are left unmowed for long periods of time.

Install a Good Irrigation System

It is super important to water your lawn. Like we mentioned earlier, it can help with a myriad of things when it comes to lawn care. However, watering with a garden hose is never going to produce the same results as watering your lawn with a full-fledged irrigation system will! You can set up strict watering schedules, so you don’t have to think about it, and you won’t have a high water bill. A series of irrigation sprinklers will direct water 100% towards the greenery – not the asphalt. This will create a better environment for your turf. Which will eventually help with weeds, insects, diseases, thinning grass, browning grass, and so much more. It will also give your grass more of a chance to come back stronger each year after the cooler months.

Start Spring Lawn Care On A High Note – Call TLC Turf Master Today!

The growing season can bring all sorts of negative issues to your turf if you don’t have a proper care schedule. But between work, family, and social events, who has the time to take care of their lawn themselves? That’s why the lawn care experts at TLC TurfMaster can help ensure your turf is getting the care it needs to prevent lawn diseases.

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