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Total Lawn Care in Memphis

Keeping your Memphis lawn looking full and beautiful isn’t just a great investment that can increase your home’s value, it’s an investment in yourself and your family. We use our yards for everything from relaxing to playing to entertaining, so it’s important to ensure your lawn is healthy, weed-free, and looking its best. At TLC Turfmaster, we have two decades of experience offering superior lawn care to both residential and commercial customers. No matter your lawn care needs, with help from our professional technicians, you and your family can enjoy a gorgeous lawn or landscape today! 

Lawn Care in Memphis

Your lawn needs more than just mowing once a week, but you don’t have to stress about managing your yard on your own. When you partner with the local lawn care experts from TLC Turfmaster, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful, healthy lawn with family and friends without all the hassle of doing the work yourself. Our complete 7-step lawn care program takes care of everything Memphis your yard might need throughout the year, including weed control, aeration, fertilization, lime application, and dethatching. We also offer modifications and customization options to tailor our treatment to exactly what your yard requires. 

Weed Control in Memphis

In addition to spoiling your Memphis lawn’s appearance, weeds can seriously damage the health of your grass plants and cause frustrating allergies for you and your loved ones. If you want to make sure weeds stay out of your yard, you need to call the Memphis weed control professionals from TLC Turfmaster. Our comprehensive lawn care program employs both pre and post-emergent weed treatments to prevent weeds from growing and kill any weeds that may crop up. 

Lawn Aeration in Memphis

Another important factor in making sure your lawn stays healthy and full is aeration. If you notice thin spots, puddles, or discolored areas, your yard is probably in need of aeration. This process has many benefits for your grass plants, including: 

  • Allowing oxygen, water, sunlight, and other important nutrients better access to your lawn’s roots. 
  • Breaking up thick clumps of roots and topsoil. 
  • Boosting the health of your yard by encouraging grass plant roots to grow deeper in the soil. 

Liquid aeration is a crucial part of our lawn care program in the early spring and fall. With help from the local lawn aeration pros from TLC Turfmaster, your yard will be greener, fuller, and healthier than ever! 

Lawn Fertilization in Memphis

The grass plants in your Memphis yard need regular nourishment in order to grow well and look their best. Appropriate lawn fertilization applied at the right time can make all the difference in your lawn’s appearance. If your yard looks dull or lackluster, you need to call the Memphis lawn fertilization experts at TLC Turfmaster. We take care of supplying your lawn with all the nutrients it needs by applying fertilizers in the late spring and throughout the summer to boost your lawn’s growth, improve its color, and prepare it for colder temperatures. 

Irrigation Services in Memphis

Your Memphis yard doesn’t just need consistent nutrients, it also needs regular watering. Not only will a professional sprinkler system raise the value of your home, it will efficiently and thoroughly water your yard so your grass plants can thrive. The local lawn irrigation professionals from TLC Turfmaster are the best in the business at both installing and repairing irrigation systems. 

Our expert technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can feel secure about the quality and effectiveness of your new sprinkler system. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about maintaining it on your own. We take care of starting up the system in the spring, performing regular check-ups to make sure everything is working correctly, and winterizing the sprinkler system. 

Additional Lawn Services in Memphis

Sometimes your lawn just needs a little extra TLC, and that’s why TLC Turfmaster offers additional lawn services like core aeration, overseeding, and soil treatments. Core aeration removes small plugs of soil from your yard to increase your grass plants’ access to the vital nutrients it needs. When done after aeration, overseeding for cool-season grasses like the popular fescue variety helps to fill in thin spots and makes your lawn look full and lush. Our new soil treatment balances your yard’s pH and injects micro and macronutrients, making your yard stand out with a vibrant green color and beautiful appearance.  

Commercial lawn care is also one of our specialties at TLC Turfmaster. We offer many of the same residential services to our commercial lawn care clients, as well as free unlimited service calls, mowing, mulching, and landscape bed maintenance. TLC Turfmaster’s commercial lawn care experts can help your business put its best foot forward with a beautiful lawn and landscape. 

Whatever your Memphis yard or commercial property needs, the lawn care experts from TLC Turfmaster have you covered. With our wide variety of lawn-related services and many years of experience, you can feel confident that your lawn will be looking greener, fuller, and better than ever, thanks to TLC Turfmaster. Visit our website to see more information on all of our services, read our latest blog post, fill out our online contact form, or give us a call at 901-509-9005 to get started scheduling your lawn care services today. 

Some of the Services We Provide

Image of Additional Services

Additional Services

We offer aeration, overseeding, and soil treatments to sustain the strength and durability of your lawn.

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Irrigation Install & Repair in Marion, Arkansas

Start conserving water and increase the value of your home now with TLC Turfmasters!

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Lawn Care

TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care will master your residential or commercial lawn.

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