Beware of These 3 Tennessee Lawn Diseases

Living in a place like Arlington, Tennessee that stays warm for most of the year, it’s important that we keep an eye on our lawns for the entire year as well. Having the luxury of more enjoyable weather gives us a small disadvantage when it comes to our yards. Our lawns are more prone to summer lawn diseases.lawn damage

When it comes to treating lawn disease, prevention is always the best medicine. By educating yourself and putting in some effort, you will be able to identify, prevent, and treat lawn diseases in no time.

Rust Lawn Disease

While this lawn disease has a name that seems unusual, it is a very real threat in our area – especially to residential lawns. It is most commonly seen on Kentucky Bluegrass turf and can be identified by its yellow-green color that projects over large areas of the yard. Rust lawn disease tends to rear its ugly head in the late summer months, meaning that it is completely preventable by ensuring your turf has a regular care schedule that begins at the start of the growing season.

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot is a common summer turf disease and is one that most of our customers are probably familiar with. This particular disease is caused by fungus and is formally known as Clarireedia jacksonii. This will present itself as small round spots that are dispersed throughout parts of your turf. They will end up looking like straw-colored spots that are generally one to three inches in diameter. Generally, Dollar Spot can start to show up in the late spring months and your turf is even at risk throughout the early fall months. When the Arlington, Tennesee weather hits between 60 degrees and 90 degrees are the best days to be on the lookout for this lawn disease.

Brown Patch grub damaged lawn

This disease thrives in the humid weather, so just when you are struggling to enjoy the outdoors, Brown Patch may creep up and start to attack your turf. Some of the major identifiers of this disease include yellow or tan circles that can develop up to several feet in diameter. So unlike Dollar Spot, Brown Patch can take over your yard before you know it. Common causes of Brown Patch are over-watering and excessive nitrogen use. To prevent issues like this, having a tried and true lawn care regimen can truly create the perfect environment and make it less likely for Brown Patch to occur.

Are You Ready to Tackle Lawn Disease? Call The Experts at TLC TurfMaster

The growing season can bring all sorts of negative issues to your turf if you don’t have a proper care schedule. But between work, family, and social events, who has the time to take care of their lawn themselves? That’s why the lawn care experts at TLC TurfMaster can help ensure your turf is getting the care it needs to prevent lawn diseases. Our lawn care program will create an environment that is less likely to develop issues like Rust, Brown Patch, and Dollar Spot. 

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