What to Expect from a Professional Irrigation System

A sprinkler system is a key component in taking care of your lawn and landscaping. Even with proper nutrition and fertilization, your plants, lawn, and other greenery will never last a hot summer without a solid irrigation system in place to keep them hydrated. 

When your sprinklers are not up to date or are simply not fulfilling their job of keeping your lawn and gardens hydrated, it might be time for a professional tune-up or even a replacement. When considering this, it’s helpful to assess all your options, including professional ones, so you can know your landscaping is getting the best care possible. 

Here’s what a professionally installed irrigation system can bring to your lawn:


Water Conservationsprinkler head watering a lawn

Conserving water will not only keep your water bill down, but it is also much better for the environment and can allow you to properly target problem areas in your lawn. This can have a great positive effect on your lawn, allowing each section to have hydration tailored to its needs. Having this feature can be incredibly helpful when your lawn exhibits problem areas from issues such as diseases, pest infestation, or even something as simple as browning grass with seemingly no cause. 


Added Nutrients to Boost Your Soil 

When you think about a professional irrigation system, it can be easy to equate it with the same benefits as watering your own lawn but on an automatic system. It’s actually not the same, as regular home hoses can cause major issues within your soil, eventually leading to various problems such as lawn diseases. Sprinkler systems are programmed to lock in the nutrients of your soil, which allows your lawn and garden to have every opportunity to flourish. 


Fighting Weeds and Disease

While a regular manually operated gardening hose lets the water sit right on top of your lawn and garden, a professional system can directly target the roots and soil. This means that it can stop existing weeds from spreading across your entire yard when hose water inevitably leaks.  


Superficial Benefitshealthy green grass

With every benefit a professional irrigation system brings, it directly correlates to better curb appeal. With no weeds, no brown spots, and no leftover water spots on your concrete, you can enjoy that picture-perfect look you’ve been striving towards. 

The convenience of a sprinkler system is nothing to turn your head up at, either. If you are currently watering your lawn one to three times a day, it can be a big feat to conquer. Even if you are a stay-at-home mother or a retiree, it can be hard to find the time to dedicate between taking care of your family or finding time to learn all the aspects of great lawn care. 


TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care Has the System For You

When you weigh the pros and cons of a new irrigation system, there’s not much to compare because the benefits are over the top. Even having your already existing system serviced for broken or clogged spray heads, control systems, or loud noises will greatly improve the way your lawn grows.

Calling TLC Turfmaster Lawn Care for help can get you any number of these benefits on a schedule that works for you. You can give us a ring at (901) 509-9005, or find us on Facebook to gather some more information about who we are.

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