A Picture-Perfect Arkansas Lawn

Finding the best regimen for an incredible lawn lies in the perfect string of small steps that create healthy, green grass. There’s no doubt that it’s hard to think you are doing what’s best for your yard, but it’s not working out the way you’d hoped. Great lawn care for your unique lawn is usually discovered through a myriad of trial and error methods. 

Fortunately, we have experience in this area and have come across all the ways to succeed in creating that picture-perfect Arkansas lawn that you have been dreaming of. Now, the secret lies within attention to detail. Lawn care will never be one-size-fits-all, not even with your own yard from year to year. However, it is a good idea to start with the basics and adjust to your needs from there, by ensuring you are inspecting your lawn regularly and taking note of what is lacking or what is happening too often and adjusting accordingly. 


Waking Up From Wintergrass in winter

After the colder season, your lawn will likely need to be refreshed and renewed to begin flourishing throughout the spring. Lawn care will always start with protection and prevention, so having the first treatment applied right at the beginning of spring will allow for the best season-long lawn presentation. To achieve this, treatments at the start of spring include pre- and post-emergent weed control and liquid aeration to loosen soil that could have become compact during the winter.


Preparing for Spring’s End

When spring is nearing its end, your grass will need another boost to stay on track to becoming the vibrant lawn you are aiming for. This is where your weed control should be touched up and give your lawn the boost of its first taste fertilizer for the year. Combining these two conventional but effective treatments with a round of liquid fertilizer will allow your yard to be ready to endure the hot Arkansas summer and the stress that comes with it. 


The First Ray of Sunshinelawn in sunshine

With the summer finally arriving, your lawn might be showing signs of common Arkansas weeds that won’t give up and have managed to make their way through and poke their heads out from underneath your lawn. A post-emergent weed control application can work to kill these and prevent future growth into the depths of summer. For a little extra nourishment, another round of fertilizer will promote lawn health. 


Settling into Summer

Further, your yard will need a little pick-me-up of fertilizer and weed control into the season after dealing with the wear and tear of being used and consistently having the heat beating down on it. Your lawn will likely need some extra care for its roots during the late summer due to the heat as well, so applying a treatment of a root fertilizer will help promote growth and keep weeds away for a longer time. To gear up for the fall weather, a soil amendment will help keep your lawn stress-free when the weather changes. 


Are You Ready for Your Picture-Perfect Lawn? Call TLC Turf Masters

With our seven-step, season-long lawn care program that uses fertilizer, herbicides, liquid aeration, and dethatcher, your lawn will be vibrant and picture-perfect in no time. Our team members begin as early as spring and go into the beginning of fall. 

Our contact page is always open for you to request a consultation, or give us a ring at (901) 509-9005 to chat about your needs over the phone. You can even visit us on our Facebook page to see what we’re all about.

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