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Good health is absolutely necessary for grass if it is to look attractive. And proper nutrition is essential to grass for optimal health. The same goes for weed elimination and prevention. While both of these things are certainly needed, they are not 100 percent of the battle to have a spectacular looking lawn. There are other measures that must be taken, as well as aesthetic maintenance. For homeowners that live in the Marion area, TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care stands apart from the others when it comes to taking care of your lawn on all these aspects. Year after year, we have expanded our record of success to more and more clients. We would love to add you to our roster.

Having a thick, green, weed-free lawn is vital, but like hair, if it is chronically unkempt, it will not look as good as its potential. While most people can mow their own lawns quite capably, a professional team will give a vastly superior result. Believe it or not, proper mowing will also help optimize the health of your grass, and improper mowing can actually hurt it. Grass has an optimal height, and cutting it too short or leaving it too long can be detrimental to its growth. This can vary with the species. Cutting too much off at one time can also cause harm. TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care has the expertise to know what will work best for your lawn.

We are also flexible when it comes to scheduling. We can mow your lawn weekly, biweekly, or your preferred schedule. Though it is recommended that mowing be done at least weekly.
Included in our mowing service is edging, and also blowing the stray clippings from the walkways and hardscape areas back into the lawn. We leave your lawn and your hardscape with a fresh, neat look.

The soil in your lawn will become more compact over time. Walking over it, mowing, and rainfall are a few factors that lead to compaction. When this happens, it becomes far more difficult for fertilizer and water to penetrate the soil and get deep enough to reach the roots. The best watering schedule, and the best weed control and fertilization program will be rendered far less effective if your grass is only able to absorb merely a fraction of what it is being given. 

To remedy this, aeration of your grass should be done at least once per year. The holes will oxygenate the soil, and when the dirt merges back together in the spaces left, it will be loosened. This loosening of the soil will enable the fertilizer and water to penetrate through, allowing the roots to absorb all of the essential nutrients.

Fescue Seeding
While warm weather grass is quite invasive, growing back in thin spots, fescue turf is not quite as self-restorative. To remedy this, TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care can overseed your lawn. This is best done immediately after aeration. For fescue turf, this is best performed in the fall, as temperatures moderate and fescue begins to grow more actively. The new seed will quickly sprout, and your lawn will be left thicker going into the winter and in better condition for the next spring. 

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Our staff at TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care will treat your yard with as much care as we will treat our own. Our impeccable service is delivered consistently, and at a price that will not break your wallet. Serving the Marion area, contact us today to get your grass in the care of true lawn care masters.