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Known as the “Flag City Tennessee,” Millington has a lot going on for a city its size. From a military base to a large sports complex, to a plentiful amount of parks and recreational facilities, this city has proved its durability and attraction. When you pass by one of these fine neighborhoods and businesses and notice its beautiful lawn, it may very well be the work of TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care. We service the many species of grass that live in Millington, and the surrounding region of Shelby County. We are committed to keeping this area eye-pleasing.

The original settlement was founded in 1878, and was named after George Millington, and his wife, who donated the land to the group of people who desired to establish a town. A decade later, its first church was founded, the First Baptist Church, and it still remains a parish today. It was created even before industry began to take root in the zone. After the turn of the century, in 1903, Millington officially became a city.

It was during World War I that Millington originally became a training ground for the U.S. military. However, this was not long-lasting, as they vacated the area after the end of the war. They would not return until the advent of World War II, and they have maintained a presence ever since with the naval support base.

Today, Millington reports an official population of 10,176, with a 2015 estimate of 11,027. The community covers 15.6 square miles of area, all of which is land.

The city of Millington has its own independent school district. It consists of only four schools – two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. It was formerly part of the Shelby County Schools.

Business and Economy
Far and away the largest employer in the city of Millington is the Naval Support Activity Mid-South. Not only is it the city’s largest, but it is one of the largest single employers in the entire state, with roughly 6,000 people working on site.

Millington is also home to various heavy industries. Within the West Tennessee Regional Business Center, containing both service businesses and manufacturing facilities. It is located near the Millington Regional Jetport, which contains the third longest runway in the state, and facilitates transportation of goods.

Small businesses are also plentiful here, with a significant presence of restaurants, pubs, and large and small retail stores. TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care looks forward to serving many of these businesses as we continue to expand in the southwestern region of Tennessee.

Recreation and Attractions
One of the two largest and most famous recreational attraction in Millington is undoubtedly the USA Stadium. For a decade, it served as the training stadium for the United States Olympic baseball team. Formerly housing the University of Memphis’ home games, it now is the home stadium of Southwest Tennessee Community College. It continues to host many college and high school baseball tournaments.

The other, for racing enthusiasts, is Memphis International Raceway. Constructed a year after the USA Stadium, in 1987, it has a 1.8 mile road course, a ¾-mile tri-oval short track, and a drag strip. The raceway holds events for hot rods, NASCAR, NHRA racing, and more.

The Naval Support Activity Mid-South also holds an annual event in conjunction with the city. The Flag City Freedom Celebration has an average attendance of over 30,000 people. Held to celebrate Independence Day, it is held at Navy Lake, with live music, food, beverages, and child-oriented activities. The event is capped with a firework show.