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TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care has come a long way from just one person and one truck. For a long time now, our lawn care services have not been confined to one city, or one county, or – even one state. Residents of several communities of our good neighbor to the north, Tennessee, enjoy the prompt, capable services and beautiful results yielded by our company. We serve homes and businesses of all sizes, as well as cities of many sizes. The largest of which, is the city of Memphis. We are honored to do our part to make this hub of industry and culture more attractive.

Memphis was established as a settlement in 1819. Its three founders were James Winchester, John Overton, and the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. The combination of the fertile land and the close proximity to the Mississippi River enabled the growing and efficient transportation of cotton. The economy grew swiftly enough that the city became incorporated just seven years after its founding, in 1826.

The city became an important area for the Confederacy at the beginning of the Civil War, but was lost to the Union one year later. For a period following the war, Memphis suffered a few setbacks, namely the outbreaks of yellow fever, resulting in thousands of deaths and thousands more exiting the city. Memphis received a new charter in 1893, granting it home rule.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Memphis began to rebound, branching out its economy, with cotton, lumber, and mule markets providing the main backbone. As the decades passed, it continued to grow despite periods of social unrest, becoming the largest city in the state of Tennessee. Today, Memphis covers 324 square miles, with nine of them water. At the 2010 census, it reported 646,889 residents, with a 2015 estimate of 655,770.

Business and Economy
Memphis’ location on the Mississippi River, along with railroads and major interstate highways crossing through the city help strengthen its position as an industrial center. There is no longer just a few dominant industries; it has a wide representation across many fields. International Paper, AutoZone, and FedEx are all housed in Memphis. 

In recent years, the movie industry has even established a foothold here. And not just independent films, but the city has served as the filming site of several major Hollywood based pictures. 

Of course, the business in Memphis is not limited to major corporations. The downtown area is also rife with culture in terms of arts, food, music, nightlife, as well as sports. A plethora of restaurants are available with the cuisines of your choice. TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care is happy to make the landscapes of these businesses healthy and eye appealing.

Events and Attractions
Who could talk about Memphis’ attractions without mentioning Graceland? It is the second most visited home in the country, after the White House. The home of Elvis Presley, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Blues music has strong roots here, and Beale Street puts those on display every day of the year. This road features a list of clubs with live music, and many street musicians as well. 

One attraction that has an unusual structure is the Memphis Pyramid. The sixth largest pyramidal structure in the world, its inner attractions are many. It contains bass pro shops, restaurants, a bowling alley, hotel, and aquarium. Its height and shape makes it very easy to find once you are in the city.