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For every homeowner, the condition of your lawn is of significant importance. It can raise the value of your house. Also, your outside property is a part of your living space. A green lawn is a more enjoyable lawn. For your turf to be in tip-top shape, it has to be properly fed and guarded against unwanted weeds. In order to have the perfect lawn, diligence on all fronts has to be maintained. It goes beyond just food and water. Periodic aeration, balancing the pH of the soil, and proper winterization have to be done as well. While most people may be capable of getting an adequate result by doing it themselves, it will not match the look of having it done by a professional team. In the Marion area, TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care are professionals among professionals.

The 7-Step Program
     • The first visit, in early spring, will consist of both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to eliminate weeds that grow in the winter, and stop                      spring and summer growers before they start.

     • In later spring, we repeat the process of the pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, and give your grass its first fertilizer application of the year. This        will stimulate more active growth, and increase the greenness of the blades.

     • When summer first arrives, post-emergent weed control is given to further battle more persistent pests such as crabgrass and nut grass. The second round          of fertilizer is also applied, using a slow-release brand, boosting nourishment to help your lawn battle the stress of the hotter temperatures.

     • In the middle of summer, we repeat this process, once again using a slow-release granular fertilization product and post-emergent weed control.

     • Toward the end of summer, this same treatment is repeated once more, and as the temperatures begin to moderate going into the autumn, the fertilizer will          stimulate the development of the roots. This is critical for their long-term health and natural resistance ability against weeds.

     • During fall, we use pre-emergent weed control to guard against the upcoming winter pests. If needed, we will also use post-emergent to clear out any few            remaining summer growers.

     • Our final visit of the year will consist of a lime application to correctly balance the pH of the soil, preventing excessive acidity.

Modifications and Options
Our standard program is made for the warm-weather Bermuda and zoysia grass. If your lawn has the cooler-weather fescue grass, we have an alternate program tailored for that species. Also, we do not require you to purchase the full program, if you are not so inclined. You can purchase as many steps as you wish. Custom programs can be accommodated. If you opt for individual steps, you have a 30-day grace period from the date of application for a service call should anything go wrong. However, if you purchase the full program, you get unlimited service calls free of charge.

A Good Investment
Lawn care can be a time consuming task if you do it by yourself. So why not leave it to TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care? You will have more time to pursue your hobbies, and your grass will be guaranteed to look far superior. The affordable price we charge is worth the hassle you will save.

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TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care has been a leading lawn care services company in the Marion area since 1993. Should you give us the opportunity, we will master your lawn, all year, every year. Give us a call today or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.