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For a decade now, TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care has established a foothold in both county seats of Mississippi County - Osceola, and this great city of Blytheville, located near the northeastern corner of the county. It is the largest city within the county, and has an abundance of fertile farmland surrounding it. The fertility of the soil, combined with the outstanding work of our staff makes for lawns that will really turn the heads of anyone fortunate to pass by. If you are a new or longtime home or business owner in Blytheville, and are looking to take your lawn to the next level, we await your call.

In 1879, just two years after the Reconstruction Era had ended, a minister named Henry T. Blythe founded the future city. The same year, a post office was established. The heavily wooded area gave rise to lumbering, which served as the foundation for the local economy. The demand for lumber was exacerbated by Chicago’s need due to its massive fire in 1871. The sawmills attracted more settlers, who began to farm in the cleared areas, quickly diversifying the economy. Just ten years after the settlement was founded, in 1889, Blytheville was formally incorporated. Its rapid rise mirrors the growth of TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care, with the merit of productive utility. Today, Blytheville stands on 20.7 square miles, 0.1 of which is water. Its 2010 census reported 15,620 residents, with a 2015 estimate of 14,694. 

The city of Blytheville has its own independent public school system. There are two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. A portion of the city’s children also attend the public school districts of Armorel and Gosnell. Blytheville also has a charter school.

Higher education also has a presence within the city in Arkansas Northeastern College, which is a community college. It is the product of Mississippi County Community College merging with Cotton Boll Technical Institute. 

Business and Economy
The land outside the borders of Blytheville is heavily farmed. In the past, individual families owned the land. Today, it is mostly factory farms. One of the largest cotton gins in North America is housed here. Though, while lumbering and agriculture used to exclusively put food on the table, industry has taken a major foothold.

Currently, Blytheville has become a hub for the production of steel. Directly outside the city to the east, the steel giant Nucor has two facilities that employ many residents as well as people from the surrounding communities. Tenaris, who manufactures steel pipes, has four facilities within the borders of Blytheville. Aviation Repair Technologies, who specializes in maintenance work for airplanes, is also headquartered in the city. They are to aircrafts what TLC TurfMaster Lawn Care is to maintaining lawns and landscapes.

Blytheville is home to Arkansas International Airport, which was born out of the defunct Eaker Air Force Base. The 1,100 acre facility has an average of 90 flights per day, and has the second longest runway in Arkansas. It has not lost sight of its roots, serving as a popular transportation site for National Guardsmen that are both being deployed and returning from duty.

The people of Blytheville, as well as visitors, have access to the history of the city. The Delta Gateway Museum has an array of exhibitions, some of which are swapped out periodically. So no matter how many times you go, you may always learn something new. It is located inside the Kress Building in the Commercial Historic District.